Dyed, Textured and Chemically Enhanced Veneers

Dyed veneer (Spectrum Range)

Dyed veneers are natural veneers which have been treated with high quality dye to create striking woods in a variety of different shades. The dyeing process provides consistency in colour across the sheets of veneer.

We offer over 150 dyed veneers in our Spectrum range.

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Textured veneer (Rivved)

Rivved or rough sawn veneer has been cut so as to provide a textured surface on the veneer. This gives the veneer an attractive, tactile feel.

Textured veneer is pressed onto boards in exactly the same way that a smooth veneer would be - the difference being that a textured veneer will be given a wax finish to complete the process.

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Chemically enhanced veneer

We follow a number of processes including fuming, silver and thermo treatments, where the look of the veneer is enhanced a the chemical reaction with the wood.

For example, in fuming the wood is kept in an air-tight container with ammonia for several weeks. This creates a rich, darker shade in the product.

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