Engineered veneer

What is engineered veneer?

Engineered or reconstituted veneer is an alternative to natural veneer, providing authentic-looking, consistent design and colour suitable for a variety of applications.

Combining natural veneer with state of the art manufacturing technologies, we produce high quality engineered veneers for use as decorative surfaces. All of our engineered veneers are handled, jointed and laid in the same way as natural veneers.

What ranges of engineered veneers are available?

We have three ranges of engineered veneers for you to browse:

Please note: Wrightline is kept in stock for immediate delivery in the USA and is available made-to-order in other markets subject to minimum order quantity. Veneerstyle and Fineline are stocked in all markets.


Engineered veneers are recommended for indoor use only. Our veneers have been used in a number of projects including furniture making and office & hotel fit outs. View examples in our image gallery.

Natural veneer is wood sliced from the log of a tree. The manufacturing process is designed so as not to alter or enhance the features of the wood and as such there will be some natural variation between different sheets of veneer.

On the other hand, engineered veneer is a re-manufactured product. Veneer is processed to achieve a pre-designed, consistent look in the finished product.

Find out more in our guide.

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