Primed Paper

What is Primed Paper used for?

Primed Paper is a unique product that we developed specifically for the interior furniture and timber industries. It can be used on doors and furniture to provide a smooth surface which is perfect for painting on.

Our environmentally harvested, resin-free cellulose is chemically converted into a strong & easy-to-use material which is smooth and consistent.

Application is simple and the paper is 100% compatible with all woodworking systems. Coming pre-coated with a layer of primer, our paper can be used on both doors and panels to reduce the need to prime the surface prior to applying paint.

What paper is available?

We supply two types of paper:

  • White Primed Paper
  • Brown Balancing Paper

What sizes are available?

  • 987mm (width) x 500 linear metres (length) - typically used for painting doors
  • 1270mm (width) x 500 linear metres (length) - typically used for painting panels

Where can Primed Paper be used?

Primed Paper is ideal for offices, bathroom units, panels, cut-to size components, solid-color doors, shelving, wardrobe furniture, printing and hand painted designs.

It can be used in local authority, public areas, hospitality & residential projects.

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