Specialised products

Specialised products

We supply several specialised products including end sawn veneer, multi-dimensional 3D effect wood and marquetry inlays.

End Sawn Veneer

The End Sawn Collection is made up of slices of veneer from the end of the tree.

End sawn veneers are produced by slicing veneer grade logs at a 90 degree angle along the log stump, revealing the rich circular growth rings of the tree. Typical sizes are 40x40cm, 50x50cm, 60x60cm and 70x70cm.

We produce half-moon pairs to achieve clean book-matchable pairs. There is no need to provide backing and they are suitable for cutting into smaller sizes if required.

We also supply paper-backed full circles as the core from White Oak 1mm and unbacked 0.3mm for lighting systems.

Rivved (textured) Veneer

Rivved or rough sawn veneer has been cut so as to provide a textured surface on the veneer. This gives the veneer an attractive, tactile feel.

Textured veneer is pressed onto boards in exactly the same way that a smooth veneer would be - the difference being that a textured veneer will be given a wax finish to complete the process.

View our range of textured veneers

Multi-dimensional 3D effect cube products

We have developed a specialised range designed for the packing and design industries. Used for jewellery, high-end bespoke projects and design boxes, this range of intricate natural real-wood marquetry is a stunning product.

The picture shows an example of our award-winning cube-range. This product continues to be developed and expanded for mass-production.

Marquetry Inlays

With our most intricate and precise laser inlay processing machines, we are able to produce extremely complex and consistent inlays which we supply to the musical instrument industry, sporting industry and high-end joinery.

Whether you require standard 1m black inlays with a width between 1mm and 20mm, or a multi-band design, we can fulfil your requirements.

In our standard catalogue you will find: Chain, Chequered, Cross-Grain, Dentil, Diamond, Dogtooth, Double-Stripe, Feathered, Kingwood Satin, Reverse-Tulip, Rope, Shadow, Square Boxwood, & Woven Inlays. All are made with the utmost precision and care.

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